Swimming Pool Chlorine Tablet Shortage

Swimming pool chlorine tablets are the way many pool owners chlorinate. Unfortunately, this year, pool owners may have a hard time finding them.

Chlorine Tablet Shortage?

Having a hard time finding chlorine tablets? So are we! This is due to a fire at a manufacturing facility just west of Lake Charles, Louisiana that happened in August 2020. The fire broke out in the wake of Hurricane Laura and efforts to extinguish the blaze were hindered by damage caused by the hurricane.

As a result, we are seeing very little available chlorine tablets. Similar to the toilet paper hoarding of 2020, 2021 is ushering in a chlorine tablet shortage. What does this mean to your swimming pool? Thankfully, you have options!

  1. Liquid Chlorine – Wechsler Pool & Supply is known as the regions #1 liquid chlorine supplier. With a 5-gallon carboy (container) and a small venturi pump, you can easily adapt your pool to liquid chlorine.
  2. Saltwater Chlorinator - Convert your pool to saltwater! Using a saltwater generator, your pool gets chlorinated using salt. It is not a cheaper option than chlorine, but those that have swam in a saltwater pool LOVE it. Saltwater pools are gentler on eyes, skin & hair. The water actually feels smoother and tends to stay clearer, plus there is no chlorine smell.

So don’t panic! We at Wechsler Pool & Supply have you covered.

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