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Sodium Hypochlorite or Chlorine Bleach

Uses & Benefits

As you know, Wechlser Pool & Supply Company is the Catskills leading supplier of liquid chlorine. But did you know that household bleach and pool chlorine are the same thing? The difference lies in the concentration strength. Chlorine bleach is formed by mixing water with the chlorine-based compound sodium hypochlorite. Your typical household bleach is usually a 6% concentration, while pool chlorine is usually between 10 – 12%.

The biggest advantage of using liquid chlorine to sanitize your swimming pool is that there is nothing "extra" added to you pool except the water to liquify the sodium hypoclorite and a small amount of salt. Think of it as buying a boquet of flowers and getting all roses instead of dandelions.

It’s the fillers that go into powdered chlorine that can cause a variety of issue with your pool water. Consider this – chlorine tablets commonly have tri-chlor that adds a conditioner to your pool. This may lower your pools pH but it also adds CYA or cyanuric acid. This stabilizer typically helps prevent the sun from buring off the chlorine. What actually happens over time is that the CYA level gets to a point that your chlorine is not effective. Correcting this can be costly and take a lot of time.

You can see that staying as close to a pure chlorine is the best option, but who wants to handle liquid chlorine. The best option is to a liquid chlorine feed system. These systems feed the liquid chlorine into the pool and adjust the amount based upon your pools chemisty. Ask one of our help service techs how we can install a liquid chlorine system on your pool. 

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