Getting your pool clean after a big storm is important

How to care for Pool Water After A Storm

How to care for you swimming pool after a storm is critical to making sure it is safe to use.

What to do for your pool after a storm

Heat and humidity are all a part of summer. It’s why a lot of people install swimming pools. Keeping them crystal clear and healthy is a part of pool ownership, but what do you do with the pool after those occasional heavy rains?

You may need to drain some water from your pool so that the skimmers work correctly. Every pool is different but if you have a main drain located in the deep end of the pool it’s recommended that you pull the water from there. Don’t walk away while your pool is draining! You could come back and find that you’ve taken more water out than intended. Do this step BEFORE you try to rebalance your water. There is no sense in adding chemicals to your water that you’re only going to drain out.

Your pool water might look clear after a storm but that doesn’t mean all that extra rainwater didn’t do a number on your pool’s chemistry. Rain is acidic and will lower both your pH and alkalinity. It will more than likely require you to shock your pool to raise the chlorine levels as well. Be prepared and have all your required chemicals on hand to act quickly after the storm ends.

Checking your pool’s chemistry isn’t the only thing that should be checked after a heavy downpour. Your skimmer baskets may be full of the storm’s wreckage. Empty them as soon as possible to make sure your water is being circulated properly. You may also want to backwash your pool’s filter to keep it from turning cloudy or green. Typically, you can get any large twigs or leaves out with a net or vacuum. You shouldn’t let debris sit on your pool bottom long. It can accentuate the chemical imbalance and leave stains in your liner.

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