Wechsler Pool Supply - the areas best liquid chlorine provider

Looking for a simpler way to sanitize your swimming pool?

Look no further than Wechsler Pool for your bulk chlorine!

Switching to liquid chlorine to sanitize your commercial or residential swimming pool has never been easier! Not only can we deliver liquid chlorine to your location, but we can also install the equipment necessary to sanitize your pool and keep it sparkling clean all summer.

  • Liquid Chlorine is Cleaner: No granular powder to settle on the bottom of your pool and cloud your pool water. 
  • Quicker: Liquid begins working instantly; granular chlorine must dissolve first to distribute throughout the pool.
  • Non-Scaling: Granular chlorine can lead to excessively high calcium or stabilizer levels, which can cause scaling or pool stains requiring additional chemicals.
  • Costs Less: Liquid chlorine is significantly less than granular chlorine, because the chlorine strength of 2.5 gallons of liquid chlorine would require 4-7 lbs. of granular chlorine shock.

Contact us for a free quote on switching to liquid chlorine. Wechsler Pool has been proudly serving the Catskill region for over 85 years. We look forward to serving all your swimming pools needs. Wechsler Pool Supply - everything but water!

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