How to close a swimming pool guide

How to Close And Winterize a Swimming Pool

The Definitive Guide On How-To Properly Close And Winterize a Swimming Pool –

Detailed Instructions For Closing In-Ground And Above Ground Pools

This guide on closing and winterizing your swimming pool is from and provides an indepth look at taking care of your pool for the winter.

Pool closing time is usually a sad time of year. The weather is getting cold, the leaves are changing color and the warm memoriesLoop LOC is the standard for Pool Covers of summertime fun are fading away. This is not usually the time of year that people like to think about their swimming pools, but this is really the most important time of the year to pay attention to the pool to avoid unnecessary problems and costly repairs come Springtime.

The following are generalized instructions on how to properly close an Inground and an Above Ground pool. Please note that all pools are somewhat different and your pool may need specific care not mentioned here. If you have any doubts about how to properly close your particular pool, either give us a call or contact a local pool professional. Remember…better safe than sorry!

Please visit their website for the entire article along with a video on closing an inground pool.

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